Selena Gomez warns 'girls are mean' and 'competitive'

Selena Gomez has slammed some women for being "mean" and "competitive" while reviewing her inner circle.

The 31-year-old singer and actress is one of the best-connected celebrities in Hollywood - counting the likes of Taylor Swift and Zendaya as friends.

But the star says she has to be selective over who she allows into her in-crowd as she fears those of the fairer sex are too "cool" and "competitive".

Blowing off to Time, she said, "It's a cliché, but girls are mean. It's a very weird competition, being in the cool girls area - and then I'm just kind of like, there."

She added, "I don't know where I'm meant to belong. I love having levelheaded people around that couldn't give two f**ks about what I do."

While Selena rubs shoulders with the biggest names in the world of celebrity, she listed her three top friends as being from behind the scenes, saying she is closest to "a real estate agent, a producer, and a casting director", per the publication.

Selena has made a fortune off women, however, with her brand, Rare Beauty, elevating her to near-billionaire status after already securing an eye-watering bank account thanks to her film and music work.

The star is reportedly worth an estimated $800 million (£625 million) personally, while earlier this year Bloomberg listed her make-up brand as being worth $2 billion (£1.5 billion).