Self-Driving Electric Bus Heralds 'Exciting Times' for Tasmania, Says Hobart Mayor

Tasmania’s first self-driving electric bus was introduced in Hobart on December 6 as part of a cross-agency initiative to “will explore the future of new forms of public transport,” according to a statement from the city.

Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds said it signaled “exciting” times ahead for Tasmania.

“This is our first up-close look at this fast-evolving technology, which offers huge potential for the future of accessible and reliable transport in our city,” Reynolds said.

The bus operates on a set route in Sandy Bay, a suburb of Hobart, which is mapped out by the vehicle’s software, officials said. Though the bus is self-driving, the city said that under current legislation “a driver must be on board at all times and that is the case with this demonstration.” Credit: City of Hobart via Storyful