Selling the OC season 3 release date confirmed in new drama-filled trailer

selling the oc, season 3
Selling the OC s3 release date confirmedNetflix

Selling the OC season three will be officially arriving on Netflix in May.

The streaming giant confirmed the third instalment of the Selling Sunset spin-off will drop on Friday, May 3 in a new full-length trailer shared today (April 4).

Further conflicts are afoot in the upcoming season, with the trailer showcasing a divide between the OC agents at the Oppenheim Group and their opinions on new agent Alex Harper and original cast member Sean Palmieri.

Meanwhile, frosty relations are seen between realtors Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland, despite sharing a kiss in the season 2 finale.

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The trailer opens with Gio and boss Jason Oppenheim discussing new agent Alex Harper, who was introduced as a realtor joining the brokerage at the end of season two.

Gio vents his frustrations at Alex letting him down during an open-house viewing with potential clients, with flashback clips showing her unable to successfully answer client questions at the event.

Jason cuts in with his view, saying: "She has not developed the level of experience she should have at this stage of the game."

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Further afield, in a one-to-one chat seated next to a firepit on a beach, Alex Hall doesn't hold back in her anger at Tyler.

"You swooned me and then you f**king disappeared," she tells him.

In a separate conversation with co-star Austin Victoria, Tyler reveals uncertainty over a possible relationship with Alex Hall, sharing his desire to settle down and find a wife and kids.

In another exchange between Hall and Tyler, he admits that "neither of us are on the same page" when it comes to finding love, leading Hall to claim: "I'm out."

alex hall and tyler stanaland in selling the oc

Elsewhere, Sean finds his character and role questioned by realtors Polly, Alex Hall, Tyler, new agent Alex Harper and Austin, with the latter confronting Sean face-to-face over some rumours that Sean has allegedly spread about him.

Finding a confidant in Alex Jarvis, Sean dismisses Austin's claims that the rumours are false: "I am sleeping like a baby because I have the truth."

The trailer ends with Polly predicting that Sean's future with the Oppenheim Group is numbered.

a close up of selling the oc star sean palmieri pointing his finger at costar austin victoria

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"If Jason is the broker that I think he is, he [Sean] is not going to last much longer at the f**king Oppenheim Group," she says.

In a voiceover, Jason can be heard uttering the words "I didn't want it to end this way, man," before the scene cuts to the release date reveal.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight last November, Sean confirmed that he has since left the Oppenheim Group following season three filming.

He claimed the brokerage "was not a culture fit for me" and has since relocated to San Diego County.

Selling the OC season three is released on Netflix on May 3. Seasons 1-2 are available to stream now.

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