Senator Schumer Joins UAW Picket Line at Distribution Center in New York

New York Senator Chuck Schumer joined the United Auto Workers (UAW) picket line outside a Chrysler parts distribution center in Tappan, New York, on Tuesday, September 26.

In footage posted to X by UAW, Senator Schumer tells strikers, “We’re here with you, we’re going to fight until we win…we are going to persist and we are going to succeed.”

Schumer added in another clip that, “unions is what America’s all about.”

On Friday, September 22, union workers walked off the job in Tappan as the UAW expanded their strike against the Big Three car manufacturers to include distribution centers for GM and Stellantis, local news reported. According to local reports the union did not target Ford, as they have made progress in talks with the company. Credit: UAW International Union via Storyful

Video transcript

- During the pandemic of COVID that everybody forgot about, we were in here-- temperature checks, masks. While the executives stayed home from their offices at home, we were here working. We came here every day during the pandemic. We were essential workers to get the parts out. Now they made record profits since the pandemic, and they don't want to give us any of it. So thank you, Mr. Schumer.

CHUCK SCHUMER: We're here with you.

- Senator.

CHUCK SCHUMER: We're going to fight until we win. My father--

- Fight until we win.

CHUCK SCHUMER: My father, who was a union guy, taught me-- he loved unions. He taught me-- he died just a year and a half ago. But he said, when you're doing the right thing, when you're doing something important, look in your heart. Make sure it's the right thing. And then if you persist and persist and persist, God will reward you and you'll succeed.

We are going to persist, and we are going to succeed.

- Amen.

- Amen.

CHUCK SCHUMER: Treat the workers right and God bless America.

- God bless America.

CHUCK SCHUMER: Unions is what America is all about.

- UAW!

- That's right.