Senior GOP senator sends Christmas message with a 36-year-old vacuum named Beth

Chuck Grassley’s vacuum (Chuck Grassley / X)
Chuck Grassley’s vacuum (Chuck Grassley / X)

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley posted his classic holiday tweet — featuring his ancient vacuum.

On Christmas Eve, Mr Grassley wrote, “It is Christmas. No surprise ‘u kno what’ I have to do.”

The Iowa Republican continued, “Just like when I’m at Windsor Heights DQ If u don’t celebrate the meaning of Christmas remember ‘cleanliness is second to Godliness.’”

The post included a red and white Hoover Concept Two vacuum — which the internet suggests came out in 1987.

Mr Grassley’s “u know what” seems to refer to his penchant for posting photos of the vacuum on most holidays.

He refers to the vacuum as “faithful Beth” in a number of previous holiday posts.

On Thanksgiving in 2022, Mr Grassley posted a photo of the household appliance and wrote, “Thanksgiving has arrived. Getting started early. Got faithful Beth out.”

He continued, “[Have] to take easy w faithful Beth. Been informed it’s too old to get repairs. With a little care I expect faithful Beth to clean Grassley home for a few more years.”

Similarly, he made another post last Easter in which he disclosed a hypothetical conversation between him and his vacuum: “Grassley to Beth: Sunday we [have] our Easter family gathering are u ready to roll?”

“Beth to GRASSLEY: ‘ready 10/4’,” he continued.

In August, he whipped out “faithful Beth” for a special occasion. “Usually this is only a Easter thxgiving + Christmas photo. But Grassley family reunion is this weekend So BY POPULAR DEMAND IM SHOWING FAITHFUL BETH AGAIN,” the senator wrote.