‘Get a sense of humour’: Rylan hits back at claims he is ‘horrible’ to his mother

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‘Get a sense of humour’: Rylan hits back at claims he is ‘horrible’ to his mother

Rylan Clark has hit out at trolls who have said he is “horrible” to his mother Linda Clark on Celebrity Gogglebox.

The presenter and his mother are fan-favourites on the show, which airs on Channel 4 on Friday nights.

They have a bantering relationship, with Rylan often teasing Linda. For example, in last night’s episode (15 July), Linda accidentally pronounced “chicken sushi” as “chicken suchet”. She asked her son to say the word to her, but he insisted she keep trying, before she put her foot down, declaring “No, I’m not saying it.”

Linda eventually asked Rylan for “chicken with breadcrumbs round it”, before telling him to “p*** off”.

The jokey exchange didn’t go down well with some viewers. One person tweeted: “Rylan is so mean to his mum on #CelebrityGogglebox it’s so uncomfortable to watch.” Another said they were “appalled” at “how he spoke to her”.

Rylan then posted: “For anyone saying I’m horrible to mum please get a sense of humour, she got her sushi… Also built her a house, whatever she asks for, and a new hedge trimmer this week… she’s good.”

He added: “Look after your mums, and also have a laugh with them.”

Many of Rylan’s fans backed him up. “It’s blatantly obvious that you have an awesome relationship with your mum, anyone who thinks otherwise needs to give their head a wobble!” wrote one person.

Another posted: “I love the relationship you have with your mum, you laugh together and take the micky but you can see how much your mum means to you. Treasure every moment together.”

Celebrity Gogglebox will be back for another series in 2023.

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