Seriously, Put Some Beer In Your Next Crepe Batter

A plate of crepes
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If someone were to ask you the definition of a perfect Sunday breakfast, then soft, fluffy, and delicious crepes might feature in your answer. While the origin of crepes is shrouded in mystery, the perfect recipe to make them is fortunately available at hand. However, if you want to take this dish up a notch further, here's a little tip that will help you do so: Just add beer to your next crepe batter and watch the magic happen.

Does this unlikely combination of beer in crepes surprise you? It shouldn't because it is a well-known fact that room-temperature beer is perfect for fluffy baked goods. What happens is that the carbonation in the beer adds a unique touch to make the batter of the cake or pastry in question tender and fluffy. This makes it perfect as an addition to crepe batter in particular. Keen to understand the science behind this interesting concoction? Here's everything you need to know.

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Why Beer Works Wonders In Your Crepe Batter

Pouring beer into crepe ingredients
Pouring beer into crepe ingredients - Maren Winter/Shutterstock

The alcoholic beverage known as beer is made from ingredients that occur naturally. These include hops, yeast, water, and malted cereals like barley. Hence, beer is high in vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and fiber, which are generally healthy ingredients when beer is consumed in moderation. Its ingredients ensure that a natural carbonation takes place in the beer when its yeast converts the sugar into carbon dioxide, eventually turning it into carbonic acid. The latter is what gives beer its unique flavor and aroma.

Owing to these peculiar properties, beer works very well when added to crepe batter. Apart from imparting an interesting and unique flavor to the mix, its carbonation ensures that the crepe batter remains loose and airy. Essentially, this means that the crepes made from this batter contain lots of bubbles as they cook, which later translate to delectable crepes with sauces and fillings oozing through these little pockets of air. Further, the beer also gives a lighter texture to the final crepe. Interestingly, the yeast in the beer also ensures that the crepes made from this batter are less prone to breakage.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Using Beer In Crepe Batter

Crepes and beer
Crepes and beer - Shebeko/Shutterstock

Now that you are convinced of the merits of using beer in crepe batter, you may want to get cracking on making your own batch. However, before you begin, keep certain things in mind to ensure you get the best results.

It is important to be mindful of the kind of beer you use for this purpose. Spicy or bitter beers will overpower the flavor of the crepes. Hence, pale lagers with low fermentation are the best kinds to use for your batter. Interestingly, non-alcoholic beers can also serve the same purpose as the method used to make them is similar. One cup of beer to three lightly beaten eggs is a good proportion when making around 10 servings of crepes (be sure to allow the batter to stand for an hour before you decide to cook with it to allow the beer to ferment the batter). And if you would like to add more flavor, you could try another traditional French trick and use fresh pork rinds to grease the pan!

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