Seth Meyers Explodes With Anger At Donald Trump’s Latest Claim

Seth Meyers seethed on Wednesday over former President Donald Trump’s attempts to spin his position on abortion.

The “Late Night” comedian slammed the presumptive GOP nominee’s bid to “trick everyone into thinking he’s actually a moderate on abortion who opposes a national abortion ban” when his actions show the opposite.

Meyers issued a blistering response to Trump’s video claim earlier this week that “many people have asked me what my position is on abortion and abortion rights.”

“Oh, people keep asking you what your position is on abortion? You know what that means, my man? You’re a shit communicator. You were president for four years, you never shut your fucking mouth, and yet people are still wondering where you stand on one of the biggest issues of our times,” Meyers fumed.

“And I get that it’s confusing. I mean, he seems pro-life,” he continued. “But the reality is, no one is confused. We all know what Trump’s personal opinion is on abortion: Whatever will help him today.”

The bleep machine was then extensively deployed as Meyers went off on conservative radio host Mark Simone, who this week said on Fox Business that Trump is “the pro-choice candidate” and argued it’s not the worst thing in the world for women to travel out of state to receive an abortion.

“You take the bus motherfucker, you take the bus,” he said of Simone.

Watch Meyers’ full take here.