Seth Meyers And Julia Louis-Dreyfus Go Day Drinking In ‘Late Night’ Segment

Every drinker knows that mixing drinks in the same session is a bad idea. But that didn’t stop Seth Meyers and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who decided to go day drinking on a Tuesday in a Late Night celebration of her new movie, coincidentally named Tuesday.

The pair took over The Dawson bar in New York City and began quickly pounding them down, with Meyers mixing and matching behind the bar. Their drinks ran from a dry martini to a combination of whiskies, down to a Jägerbomb. There followed several sloppy brain teaser games, including a “Truth or Dare” competition.

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As you would expect, It started to quickly go downhill as the alcohol kicked in.

In the words of Louis-Dreyfus, it was “the stupidest show I’ve ever done,” and ended with Meyers appearing to be passing out on the floor.

And as they say in show biz, “Always leave them wanting more.”

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