Seth Meyers says he only knew how to get married because of his “SNL” wedding to Bill Hader's Stefon

Meyers crashed Stefon's nuptials to Anderson Cooper to declare his love for him back in 2013.

Seth Meyers' wedding with Bill Hader's Stefon on Saturday Night Live helped prepare him for his own nuptials to longtime wife Alexi Ashe.

During Monday's episode of Late Night, guest Beanie Feldstein stopped by to chat about her own recent wedding to producer Bonnie Chance Roberts, but not before placing a Hershey's Kiss beside the Stefon nesting doll that sits on Meyers' desk.

"Stefon means everything to me," Feldstein explained. "I was thinking about who I wanted to be my valentine other than my wife, because it’s like, who do you really love in a very, like, emotional way? Stefon.” While Feldstein has never met Hader, "Stefon, I know in my soul," she said.

To which Meyers replied, "Look, I know him as well. I only knew how to get married ’cause I married him first. He was my dry run.”

Meyers "married" Stefon during Hader's farewell episode of SNL in 2013. Stefon offered tips on the "Weekend Update" segment before running off to marry Anderson Cooper at a nearby chapel — that is, until Amy Poehler encouraged Meyers to "go to him," declaring that it wasn't too late to win him back.

A wild Ben Affleck also appeared at the chapel before Meyers and Stefon made their way back to the "Weekend Update" desk.

“He was emotional, and I was emotional, and we’re sitting there, holding hands and almost crying, and he’s got a wedding veil, and I’m like, ‘This is a lot like an actual wedding,'” Meyers previously recalled of Hader's emotional last episode on Late Night a year after the sketch. “And then a few months later, I got actual married, to my current, real, human wife. And then when we got married? Nothing. Just nothing.”

Feldstein also shared details of her own wedding, which saw her pal and singer Ben Platt sing the song for the happy couple's first dance. She also recalled an anecdote about being caught "butt-naked" by a wedding guest prior to the ceremony. "I've never screamed so hard in my entire life." Watch her interview with Meyers above.

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