Seth Meyers Taunts Trump With Hillary Clinton Blast From The Past

Seth Meyers on Monday explained why it’s “pretty rich” that Donald Trump said he’d encourage Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” to other NATO countries who don’t pay their way in the military alliance when the former president “brags all the time about not paying his bills.”

Trump “has stiffed everyone from banks to the IRS to hundreds of contractors who worked on his casinos to his own lawyers,” said Meyers, noting how former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani even said in a recent bankruptcy filing that Trump’s campaign owes him millions of dollars in unpaid legal fees.

“Trump is the guy who famously claimed not paying your bills makes you a genius. Remember?” asked Meyers.

The “Late Night” comedian aired a clip from Trump’s 2016 presidential debate with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in which she noted how Trump “didn’t pay any federal income tax.”

Trump, now the Republican 2024 front-runner, interrupted Clinton to say, “That makes me smart.”

“First of all, actually smart people never have to say the words, ‘that makes me smart,’” said Meyers. He then explained how NATO members don’t pay fees, as Trump appeared to suggest, but actually “agree to spend a certain amount of their budget on defense.”

“Trump is confusing it with Blockbuster,” Meyers joked, later arguing it was “dangerous and insane” to encourage Russia to invade other countries.

Watch Meyers’ full monologue here: