Seven Point celebrates Grand Opening five years in the making

May 18—A celebration five years in the making finally made its debut at 380 Eastgate Drive on Thursday afternoon when Seven Point Dispensary held its grand opening.

With two other operating cannabis dispensaries in Danville, including Molly's Joint in Belgium, as well as Sunnyside, which stands just across the street from Seven Point, this new dispensary aims to set itself apart from the crowd.

Aside from offering cannabis products and paraphernalia, Seven Point has a pop-up vinyl record shop inside the store, as well as a wall of apparel and a good selection of THC-free drinks and snacks, some from local independent businesses.

Before you enter the building, it's clear that Seven Point is dedicated to celebrating art and artists. A custom, 2,000-foot ceiling mural, which starts on the outside overhang and works its way around the ceiling within, adds a funky vibe to the otherwise classy, high-tech store.

While shopping at a dispensary is typically a hands-off experience, at Seven Point customers are encouraged to pick up and examine the products on display.

Each product is electronically tagged so that when placed on a scanner — several of which are featured throughout the sales floor — the screen above lights up with more information about the product.

Customers can make orders online or on the kiosks throughout the sales floor, then head to a cashier station to pick up their purchases.

Behind the scenes, Seven Point is different from other dispensaries in another key way: ownership.

"This endeavor started out as a social equity endeavor," said owner Brad Zerman. He went on to elaborate, saying that 51% of Seven Point's ownership is held by early investors who remained committed to the project through five years of setbacks, including the COVID pandemic.

"Hopefully we can make them millionaires," he said to cheers from the small crowd of employees and investors gathered behind him.

Having opened back on April 20, the grand opening on Thursday was attended by several dozen people, including Danville Mayor Rickey Williams, Jr.

"I appreciate the investment that you guys are making in our community," Mayor Williams said during the ribbon-cutting ceremony. He also expressed happiness that the youth in the area would have a chance to enjoy music on vinyl records.

Mike Marron, CEO of Vermilion Advantage, was also in attendance. He congratulated Zerman on his "entrepreneurial spirit."

Zerman said he is eager to offer central Illinoisans a unique experience, especially when it comes to music and high-quality cannabis products, which Seven Point sources from growers all over the state.

"Other dispensaries in the area have their own grow, so they favor that. We don't have our own grow, so we're just picking the best products from the state to sell here so that everyone has more options."

Zerman is equally passionate about music and memorabilia. Many of the rock-themed decorations highlighted around the store were purchased from a charity called Rock for Kids, an organization Zerman says provides year-round music lessons to inner city kids.

The grand opening is just the beginning, Zerman says. Exciting things are on the horizon for Seven Point, including a drive-up window once state cannabis-sales laws relax further, something Zerman hopes will come to pass in a few weeks in the Spring session.

Though nothing has been finalized, Zerman also hopes to partner with Guitars Before Guns, a nonprofit organization offering students from vulnerable communities a combination of music and mentorship, according to its website.

"This would bring the music store concept full circle," Zerman said.

Seven Point is open Sunday through Wednesday from 7a.m. to 8 p.m., and on Thursday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Customers can also make orders on their website and pick them up in-store.