Severance star Adam Scott teases season 2 release

adam scott, severance
Severance star Adam Scott teases season 2 releaseApple TV

Severance star Adam Scott has teased that there will soon be information on the second season of the show.

The Apple TV+ series follows Mark S (Scott), a Lumon Industries employee who uncovers a web of conspiracies after agreeing to separate – or “sever” – his non-work memories from his work experience.

The first season received critical acclaim upon its release, but progress on a follow-up has been slow in the two years since, though Scott revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that news will be coming soon.

adam scott, severance

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“I wish I could tell you and everybody about what’s coming up because it’s going to be so much fun,” he said. “I can’t say a word, but it’ll finally be coming out in the somewhat near future.

“I can’t wait for everyone to see it. That’s basically it. It was so much fun to make. Your patience doesn’t have to hold on too much longer.”

Though the star remained vague about specific details, he did reveal in a previous interview that parts of the series mirrored elements of his own life, with the show also speaking to a very particular sentiment following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Mark is grieving his wife and I was grieving my mom, who died a few months before filming,” he revealed. “I thought I’d gone through the grieving process, but then I suddenly found myself without my family to cushion the blow.

adam scott, severance
Apple TV

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“I was either eating and sleeping alone or I was working under the fluorescent lights at Lumon. So that sense of isolation really paralleled my own life. It was a real thing I was feeling and the right place – maybe the only place – to put it was into the show.

“We started shooting in the midst of lockdown and the pre-vaccine pandemic. I plopped down in New York, leaving my wife and kids in Los Angeles, and because of the intense quarantine laws it was impossible to go back and forth. So for three or four months I could only see them on FaceTime.”

Severance streams on Apple TV+.

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