Severe Storms Sweep Kansas

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a warning about severe storms returning to eastern Kansas on Tuesday, May 21, following previous severe weather on Sunday.

Lacie Come captured footage of what she described as a “northern cell” in Peabody on Sunday.

KSN reported that a “supercell thunderstorm produced three confirmed tornadoes across Kansas on Sunday.”

Large hail and damaging winds, along with the potential for an isolated tornado, were the main hazards of Tuesday’s anticipated severe weather, according to the NWS. Credit: Lacie Come via Storyful

Video transcript


Here's my body.

Thank you.

Two storms form together.

Here comes the wind.

See if we'll get a Draco, that would be 100 mile an hour.


We were just pulled off a lot.

You feel that here we are, you know, that got really cold.

Oh, my God.

I did look at all.