Sex Education's Ncuti Gatwa brings in new cast member for season 4

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Sex Education adds new season 4 cast memberJoe Maher - Getty Images

Sex Education season 4 has added a new member to its cast, and we've got Ncuti Gatwa to thank for it.

Anne Boleyn and Nightflyers actress Jodie Turner-Smith is joining the Netflix show for its upcoming run to play an as-yet-unrevealed character, but it looks like whoever she plays will have a connection to Ncuti's Eric Effiong.

Speaking at the BAFTA red carpet yesterday (via Variety), the actress teased that: "You may or may not see me in a little Netflix show called Sex Education.

ncuti gatwa as eric effiong, sex education

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"First of all, all my scenes were with Ncuti Gatwa who – I DIE for him – and he's my favourite character on the show. So when he called me and asked me to do it I was like: 'I don't care how much they're paying, I'm doing it'."

Season 4 will likely serve as the last for Eric, as Ncuti has obviously gone to do the live-action Barbie movie, and take over the TARDIS in Doctor Who, which is currently filming in and around Cardiff.

He's not the only cast member either not returning for season 4 or only doing a few episodes before departing, with Emma Mackey announcing that the season will be her swansong just yesterday (February 19).

"Season 5? I've just finished the fourth one last week!" she said. "No, I don't think I'll be in season 5. I've said goodbye to Maeve."

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Judging by comments she made last week, it feels likely that even more stars may leave, or the show as a whole may wrap up with season 4.

She said: "You know, we're playing 17-year-olds, and we're all almost 30, it is a bit weird... be happy that it exists and protect it and enjoy it in the time that it has existed in, but yeah, it needs to be left alone now I think."

Sex Education seasons 1 to 3 are available to watch on Netflix.

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