Sexual abuse finding will resonate through Donald Trump's 2024 presidential campaign

The tag #sexoffender will surely trend for Donald Trump all the way from this New York court to a November 2024 election.

E Jean Carroll laid out a horrific tale of sexual assault, a brutal attack by the former president that has left her forever scarred.

The jury's finding in her favour, albeit not on her allegation of rape, will surely resonate throughout the coming White House campaign.

Accuser awarded millions in damages - latest updates

Mr Trump was, of course, dismissive of both accuser and accusation long before this case came to court.

It's what he does, successfully.

His counter-attack on separate, criminal charges gave him a bounce in the polls and in his fundraising.

Playing the victim plays to a support base that buys into the claims of political persecution and views their hero and his actions through the prism of injustice.

Will this make a difference? It's sexual assault, after all.

On a criminal scale, sex offenders register a particular revulsion; there's a reason they are segregated in prisons.

Reputational fallout?

The stigma cuts across society - the question that will concern Mr Trump is how it cuts into the political debate.

Consider a case with similarities in the UK, albeit to a lesser degree with regard to the offence.

David Goodwillie, a footballer, was ruled to be a rapist by a civil court in Scotland in 2017. When he was transferred to Raith Rovers just over a year ago, there was a national outcry and the club was forced to rip up his contract.

Goodwillie was deemed unfit to be a striker for a lower-league Scottish football club, and yet, Mr Trump remains in the running to be president of the United States.

Trump has counted on drumbeat of victimhood

It is a double standard that stretches logic, given attitudes shared across the Atlantic.

It is explained, in part, by a political culture fashioned by Mr Trump.

In times of scandal, he has counted on the drumbeat of victimhood to drown out the noise.

We will find out soon enough if it works with a New York court verdict that screams "sex offender".