Sexual health expert issues household object warning

A sexual health expert has warned people against the habit of using household objects for personal pleasure - which could lead to injury and infection. 41% of people in the UK are misusing everyday household objects, according to new research by Lovehoney.

When it comes to the items people are most likely to reach for, pillows came in as the top choice overall, followed by hairbrushes and mobile phones.

For women pillows, hairbrushes and electric toothbrushes were most popular, while for men, socks , pillows, mobile phones and rubber gloves were some of the objects of choice.

To raise awareness of the issue, Lovehoney has unveiled a series of billboards across the UK. Addressing the potential dangers, Lovehoney's Sexual Wellness Expert, Sarah Mulindwa, said: “We are all about creativity in the bedroom, but it’s important to keep it safe, regular household objects that are not designed for bodies can be risky.

“Using items like hairbrushes, mobile phones, and pillows to satisfy your sexual needs could lead to injuries, infections, or other problems. I’d always advise opting for a purpose-made toy, as you can trust that it’s made from safe materials and crafted specifically for use in the bedroom.

“Sex toys are made using body-safe silicone or other safe materials and go through rigorous and extensive testing to ensure that they are safe to use on your bodies. Unsurprisingly, household objects have not gone through this process.

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