Shamed DJ jailed for raping woman in Aberdeen nearly a decade ago

Alisdair Randalls denied the allegations at the High Court in Glasgow
Alisdair Randalls denied the allegations at the High Court in Glasgow -Credit:Jane Barlow/PA

A shamed DJ guilty of raping a student has been jailed for seven years. Alisdair Randalls, 30, attacked the young woman at his flat in Aberdeen in December 2015 having met via the Tinder dating app.

The victim later texted him stating: "Do you even remember last night and that no means no?" He replied: "I do not remember - sorry."

Randalls - previously resident DJ at Aberdeen nightclub Nox - had claimed at his trial in the city last month that sex had been consensual. But, jurors went on to convict him of the rape charge.

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He was acquitted of the same crime as well as an accusation of sexual assault against a second woman. Randalls was separately cleared of rape by a Spanish court in 2021. He had been working at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel and Bar at the time.

Lord Colbeck sentenced Randalls at the High Court in Glasgow for the 2015 sex attack on Wednesday. The judge told him how he had "persuaded" the young woman to leave where she was staying ending up "alone" to be preyed upon by Randalls.

Lord Colbeck: "You had sex with her not once, but twice against her wishes." The judge said a "harrowing" victim impact statement showed the "significant effect" the ordeal continues to have on the young woman. Randalls was put on the sex offenders list indefinitely.

Alisdair Randalls
Alisdair Randalls -Credit:Police Scotland

Jurors at the trial heard from a flatmate of the victim who described her as "crying hysterically" after reporting to her she had been raped. The witness added: "Later in the week, I saw bruises on her arms and chest."

In his evidence, Randalls told how he had met the victim outside her halls of residence and they had walked to his home in Aberdeen. The DJ claimed they had "five to 10 minutes of consensual sex".

Randalls insisted the young woman was "fine" when she left him. His lawyer Drew McKenzie today said Randalls maintains his innocence.

Detective Inspector Ryan Morris said: "I hope this sentence provides the woman with some comfort knowing that Randalls has now been jailed.

"I would urge anyone who has suffered sexual violence to come forward and report it to us, regardless of the passage of time. Working alongside our partner agencies, we will support you through the process, investigate thoroughly and bring those responsible to justice.

"Anyone with information or concerns should contact Police Scotland on 101, or you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."