Shamokin man headed to county court following March stabbing in Danville

Apr. 23—DANVILLE — A Shamokin man accused of stabbing a victim who said their injuries required 10 surgeries and more than a month in the hospital is headed to court in Montour County on felony charges.

Dante Maturani, 24, was arraigned last week on two felony aggravated assault charges and a misdemeanor charge for possessing an instrument of crime.

On Tuesday, he appeared in front of Montour County District Judge William Wilt for a preliminary hearing.

Montour County District Attorney Angela Mattis called alleged victim Hunter Marcheski as a witness in court Tuesday.

According to Marcheski's testimony, he picked Maturani up from his wife's Danville home on March 2 and the two traveled to two bars in Shamokin.

While in Shamokin, both men had a few beers before Marcheski drove them back to his residence on Line Street in Danville, Marcheski said.

After Marcheski parked his truck in front of his house at around 8 p.m., a work-related discussion between the two got tense.

"I said he doesn't understand, he doesn't know because he doesn't work," Marcheski said.

While Marcheski was half out of the truck, Maturani grabbed him by the neck of his hoodie with his left hand, he testified. Marcheski said he saw Maturani pull a knife that had a black serrated blade and a green handle, a knife Maturani had allegedly shown him previously, according to the testimony.

"I tried to pull back," Marcheski said. "I said 'No, Dante. What are you doing?'"

Marcheski said Maturani grabbed his left wrist and sliced through his sweatshirt up to his bicep.

Marcheski said he wrapped his arm in his sweatshirt and started walking toward his aunt who had come outside while Maturani repeated statements like, "Why did you attack me?"

Marcheski's mother drove him to Geisinger Medical Center, only about a minute or two from the residence, where he underwent 10 surgeries and received in-patient care for more than a month, according to the alleged victim.

Marcheski said he suffered nerve damage and lost complete feeling in three fingers.

"They don't think I'll fully regain feeling in two of my fingers," he said.

Attorney Robert Hoffa, who represented Maturani, did not call any additional witnesses and said he would reserve anything further for the court of common pleas.

Wilt held all charges for county court. Maturani remains in Montour County Prison in lieu of a $200,000 monetary bail.