Shania Twain carries 'emotional scars' from 'challenging childhood'

Shania Twain has told how she carries "emotional scars" after her difficult upbringing.

The singer has recalled how she grew up in poverty, and witnessed domestic violence between her mum and stepfather.

"I have a lot of emotional scars," she told Elizabeth Day on the How To Fail podcast. "I've been through a challenging childhood and then my open throat surgery. Over time, I have realised that all of those experiences have really made me who I am today and I wear them well."

The 58-year-old star revealed how she channels her emotions into her songwriting.

"I'll document my feelings, I'll put things down, they're very raw, they're very real, they're very in the moment, and I live them. I like to live through my suffering," she said. "They're now reflections of what I've been through. But they are on the other side. They are the healed experience with a scar."

The You're Still the One singer also revealed she's taken years to feel comfortable wearing revealing outfits.

"The Man! I Feel Like a Woman! video was the very first time I'd ever performed with legs at all," she said. "I've been someone that has been coming into my comfort my whole life. I think it's just a process. I live it every day."

Shania is set to play in the Legends spot at Glastonbury next month.