Shania Twain fans fuming as they say Glastonbury set has been 'rigged'

Shania kept touching her ear piece hinting she knew there was a sound issue
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

Shania Twain fans were disappointed minutes into her Legends set at Glastonbury as the singer appeared to be being plagued by technical issues. The Canadian star kept touching her hand to her ear in a hint something was wrong with the sound in her ears as she kicked off with her huge hit That Don't Impress Me Much.

The sound levels appeared to get slowly sorted out during the set, although there seemed to be moments Shania was struggling to hear and she kept pulling at her ear piece. Shania told the crowd: "Hats off to you Glastonbury. I have to say thank you for sharing the experience.

"This is wild. I've been walking around since last night and getting through the crowds and milling my way through the villages. And this really is a city, it's a community, and I do feel a privilege of being here. Thank you very much for having me. This is a once in a lifetime experience I really will treasure this forever."

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Fans took to X, formerly Twitter, to complain about the sound quality. @AilMc1212 commented: "It feels like someone's rigged both Cyndi Lauper and Shania's ear pieces - BBC sort out your bloody sound!!! #Glastonbury #shania."

@JonSheasbysaid: "Every single year, the BBC's sound mix of #Glastonbury ruins a performer's set. This year the victim is Shania Twain. How they manage to screw up the sound year after year is beyond me. #DefundTheBBC #Glastonbury2024."

@Phergic asked: "Why can’t the sound engineers just stop the set, fix the issues and resume the set. Don’t they read Twitter." @Thegeekycrafter wrote: "Someone check the levels on Shania's mic please? Or her ears? #Glastonbury" @AlexPaterson0 commented: "Looks like Shania knows something is wrong with the sound."

@theproperKP asked: "Is her mic not working properly cos this sounds s**** so far??" @richieriley echoed: "Shania Twain don't impress me much..... there's something not right there #Glastonbury #Glasto."

@HiGirlsHiLouise urged: "For the love of all that’s holy SOMEBODY SORT SHANIA’S IN-EARS!" And @Bispham_Boy added: "That don’t impress me much! Sounds up the wazoo Shania. Sounds bloody awful."

Shania previously had open-throat surgery and recalled the “depressing and devastating” realisation after she was told she may never sing again after contracting Lyme disease. Shania contracted the tick-borne illness in 2003 while out on a horse ride, and her voice was damaged by the effects of dysphonia -the term used to refer to disorders of the voice that present as a hoarse, weak, breathy or strained voice - as a result.