What we know about new reality show Shark! Celebrity Infested Waters

Shark! Celebrity Infested Waters brings famous faces up close and personal with the ocean’s deadliest predators

Shark! Celebrity Infested Waters (ITV)
Shark! Celebrity Infested Waters is coming to ITV in 2025. (ITV)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the ocean, ITV’s latest reality series SHARK! Celebrity Infested Waters emerges from the deep with a new take on sea-based terror.

Due to arrive in 2025, the same year that Steven Spielberg’s toothy masterpiece Jaws turns 50, this new telly concept aims to splice educational learning with some very real scares.

Intrigued? Here’s everything you need to know about SHARK! Celebrity Infested Waters.

When does SHARK! Celebrity Infested Waters start?

Shark! Celebrity Infested Waters does not yet have a release date. That said, we do know that it will be making land on ITV at some point in 2025.

What happens in Shark! Celebrity Infested Waters?

Tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) swimming close to the seafloor off Fuvahmulah, Maldives
The show will bring celebrities face-to-face with Tiger sharks. (Alamy)

According to its official synopsis, Shark! Celebrity Infested Waters will “dare a group of ocean-phobic celebrities to confront their greatest fear – sharks.”

Billed as “adrenaline-fuelled” and “challenge-heavy”, the series will whisk famous faces way to the shark capital of the world, the Bahamas. Here, they’ll be forced to come face-to-face with a variety of different shark species - from Hammerheads and Bull sharks to fearsome Tiger sharks.

With each dive bringing them alongside a bigger and more dangerous animal, celebs will counterbalance these nail-biting experiences with a series of tasks and challenges that aim to teach them important facts about the crucial role these creatures play within our oceans.

The show also aims to impart viewers with a range of key facts about how each shark hunts and lives, helping to realign the narrative surrounding animals that are often incorrectly referred to as nature’s “villains.”

Promising to educate as well as entertain, the show will be made by Plimsoll Productions, the same company behind National Geographic’s Disney+ series A Bug’s Life.

Who’s starring in Shark! Celebrity Infested Waters?

At the moment, we don't know which celebrities will be dipping their toes into this series.

However, as the series swims closer to a production start date, we’re sure we’ll start to get a better idea of which recognised names will be taking the plunge.

Shark! Celebrity Infested Waters is coming soon to ITV.