Shark Tows Kayaker After Chomping Fishing Bait Off Panama Coast

A shark lead a kayaker on nearly a two-mile journey off the coast of Cambutal, Panama, after it caught on to his bait and towed him.

Adam Fisk, a managing partner at Los Buzos Panama, a fishing lodge resort in Cambutal, was on a fishing kayak trip with a friend near Cambutal when a “massive” shark took hold of his friend’s bait.

Speaking to Storyful, Fisk said the pair were fishing for big snapper fish and roosterfish when the shark, Fisk said, pulled his friend for at least two miles “over some sketchy terrain.”

“We went through some areas that were only three or four feet deep with jagged rocks underneath. We started in about 150 feet of water and the shark pulled us into the shallows just outside the surf. We did not know what we had hooked until about a hour after the hookup,” he added.

Fisk acknowledged the danger they both faced but said he has never had a bad encounter with a shark in nearly two decades.

“Obviously this can be dangerous but luckily sharks don’t really mess with kayaks. I have never had any bad encounters with sharks in more than 17 years. I’ve only been bumped a few times by bull sharks and circled by the occasional curious hammerhead,” he added. Credit: Adam Fisk via Storyful

Video transcript

- What's going on here?

- I'm just going for a little ride.


Just a little ride. We left Los Buzos about an hour ago.


- I'm going to try to--


- I don't know if that's a bull shark. It might be a--