Sharknado 'Comes True' As Shark Falls From The Sky Into Woman's Garden

Should we be scared?


The mesmerisingly awful, yet brilliant, film Sharknado sees Los Angeles menaced by a tornado filled with very, very angry sharks.

Now it seems it might be coming true - as a shark fell from the sky without warning in Virginia.

Thankfully, it seems unlikely that a whirlwind full of hungry predators is to blame for Sue Bowser’s sighting of the baby smooth dogfish shark.

Experts believe that the shark may actually have been picked up by a large osprey.

Even if a ‘sharknado’ were to strike, baby smooth dogfish wouldn’t be quite as terrifying as the CGI monsters in the film.

They feed on small crustaceans and worms and have flat teeth designed to grind food, rather than, for instance, bite your foot off.