Sharon Corr 'humiliated' as she claims she was 'refused' entry to Ryanair flight

Sharon Corr has hit out at Ryanair
-Credit: (Image: Instagram)

Sharon Corr was left feeling "humiliated" after she claimed Ryanair denied her entry to a flight from Madrid to Dublin due to the presence of her violin.

The 54-year-old musician, part of the famed group The Corrs, was set to attend rehearsals in preparation for their tour when the alleged incident took place.

Experiencing a prolonged seven-hour wait at the airport, Sharon reportedly had no choice but to return home. Sharing her frustration on social media, she directed a message to Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary: "Today I was booked on a Ryanair flight. I got up at 6 in the morning. I was not allowed on the flight because I had my violin."

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"I was in the airport for 7 hours. I had to return home after searching for my checked in bags. Humiliated, angry, then crying as only a good woman can do. Why was I going to Dublin? My home turf, to rehearse, to go on tour! I'm beyond disappointed. Michael O'Leary shame on you."

Ryanair's policy, as stated on their website, allows for the carriage of musical instruments as cabin baggage provided they are within allowed dimensions, stating: "You can carry any music equipment with you onboard as long as it fits within your Cabin Bag allowance.", reports the Mirror.

"For smaller music equipment like guitars or violins that exceed your cabin baggage dimensions, you can opt to pay an extra seat fare for it. To do this, you must purchase an extra flight ticket and seat."

However, a spokesperson for the airline claimed that Sharon's violin exceeded the cabin bag dimensions. "This passenger was not refused travel from Madrid to Dublin," they shared.

"This passenger's violin exceeded the cabin bag dimensions permitted for her flight, and therefore was required to pay a standard gate baggage fee to place it in the hold of the aircraft. This passenger refused to pay the standard fee and instead chose not to travel on this flight."

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