Shawn Levy Just Compared Deadpool And Wolverine To Planes, Trains And Automobiles, And Now I'm Even More Pumped

 Deadpool and Wolverine from Deadpool 3 trailer/Steve Martin and John Candy in refrigerator truck scene in Planes Trains and Automobiles (side by side) .
Deadpool and Wolverine from Deadpool 3 trailer/Steve Martin and John Candy in refrigerator truck scene in Planes Trains and Automobiles (side by side) .

The highly anticipated release of Deadpool & Wolverine is getting close, and fans can’t wait to see what the creative team has in store for fans. The initial trailer for the Deadpool threequel teased bloody fights, new MCU lore, and of course, an exciting dynamic between Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. There certainly seems to be a “buddy movie” feel to the film, and according to director Shawn Levy, that's by design. The filmmaker recently teased some of his unlikely inspirations for the upcoming Marvel movie, which includes classic comedies like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and now I really can't wait for this flick!

In a recent interview with AP News, the Free Guy director opened up about exciting details for Deadpool & Wolverine. While plot details are being kept under wraps, in true MCU fashion, Levy was able to talk about the tone of the film and the vibe they're going for with this Deadpool film. Surprisingly, the filmmaker looked less toward its superhero predecessors, and more towards comedies with an “odd-couple” dynamic. Levy explained how this applies to the titular characters, saying:

It’s a really interesting duo. They’re built for huge conflict with each other because they’re so different individually. But that makes for a very interesting story, because the best two hander stories, whether it’s ‘Midnight Run’ or ‘48 Hours’ or ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles,’ yes, it’s littered with conflict. But it’s ultimately about something more as well and that’s what audiences will see.

For context, all three of these movies feature two characters with very different personalities who are forced together by unfortunate circumstances. Ultimately, they must work together to achieve a common goal. During their journeys, their differences lead to hilarious comedic moments as well as adversity they must overcome.

This sounds like the perfect tone for Deadpool 3, which will likely leverage Ryan Reynolds’ dry, crass sense of humor and Hugh Jackman’s much more serious portrayal of Wolverine. It’s a great approach, and I’m so excited to check it out.

Reynolds and Jackman have a well-documented off-screen friendship and playful faux feud, which also will likely play into this Planes, Trains and Automobiles-style dynamic. Fans have enjoyed this for years through their social media banter, but Deadpool & Wolverine will be the true test of their big-screen chemistry.

As we learned from John Candy and Steve Martin in their classic 1987 comedy, it’s hard to go wrong when there is so much charisma and comedy at the center of a film. And this Marvel duo has a natural and dynamic rapport that will hopefully elevate the film's comedic and emotional beats.

There’s not only the hilarious “buddy movie” tone to look forward to. Deadpool & Wolverine also features an all-star cast that includes Succession’s Matthew Macfadyen, The Crown’s Emma Corrin, and Jennifer Garner, who is reprising her role as Elektra. In addition, this will be the first Deadpool movie that's part of the MCU, so fans can expect more plot-heavy details that will likely be integral to the overarching Marvel storyline.

It has been six years since a Deadpool movie hit theaters, and I love that they are combining so many elements to build upon the raunchy hilarity of the first two films. This is the only MCU project on the 2024 movie schedule, which feels like a lot of pressure. Hopefully, Levy’s “opposites attract” comedic approach ends up grounding the film, taking away the loftiness of the endeavor, and resulting in a genuine crowd-pleaser.

You can check out Shawn Levy’s Deadpool & Wolverine when it hits theaters on July 26th. In the meantime, you can revisit the first two Deadpool movies now with a Disney+ subscription, and you can stream Planes, Trains and Automobiles with a Paramount+ subscription.