'She Won't Leave My Side': Toddler Sneaks Bedding to Bathroom to Be Closer to Mom

A toddler from Valley, Nebraska, who just wanted to be close to her mom came up with a brilliant strategy to stay comfortable while doing so.

Savannah Sullivan caught the moment she exited the shower to find Maylee, her three-year-old daughter, asleep on the floor wrapped in a blanket.

Sullivan explained that Maylee had spent nine weeks staying with her dad, and would not leave Sullivan’s side upon returning.

“I had gone and put her to bed in her bedroom. I went to take a shower and saw her lying down next to me,” Sullivan said.

“Do you ever just sit back and stay in the moment a little longer because you don’t want it to pass. That was this moment,” she commented on TikTok. Credit: Savannah Sullivan via Storyful

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