Sheep Kick Up Dust During Feeding Time at Drought-Stricken New South Wales Farm

A flock of sheep kicked up one epic dust storm during feeding time in New South Wales recently, emphasizing the chronic drought there.

Footage shared to Instagram on October 9 by Lucy Virgona shows the flock being trailed by clouds of dust as they run to be fed at her family’s farm, near Uralla, in the Northern Tablelands.

According to Virgona, the paddocks in the area have turned to dust after little or no rain since mid-2017.

“Severe drought conditions, hot weather, and strong winds for this time of year has caused the country to be completely windswept,” she told Storyful.

Virgona said that she, like many other farmers in the region, was “feeding stock daily as there is no seed stock left in the ground.” Credit: Lucy Virgona via Storyful