Sheep Treated to Ice Cream at Welsh Scenic Spot

Some lucky sheep were treated to ice cream by a local seller at a scenic mountain spot in Wales recently, with the generous act winning praise online.

Nicolo Marenghi recorded as he gave an ice cream to one sheep, which he calls Dotty, and shared it on a local Facebook group. Marenghi told Storyful that his family has been selling ice cream at the popular Bwlch Mountain viewing point for years.

In the video, Marenghi can be heard asking Dotty if she wants an ice cream, while telling another hungry sheep that it’s already had one.

“I’d go bankrupt if I gave them all they wanted,” he said.

Marenghi told Storyful he is the last of his family to work in the ice cream van, so when he retires it will be the “end of an era”. Credit: Nicolo Marenghi via Storyful