Girl, 16, suddenly loses both parents and now kind-hearted Sheffield woman wants to secure her future

A woman from Sheffield has launched a fundraiser in a desperate bid to give a teen girl financial security after the sudden and tragic loss of both parents.

Gemma Owen, 41, from Sheffield is asking the local community for support in "gaining a future" for her "beautiful, kind, precious" 16-year old Porchea Tallentire.

Porchea is in a long term relationship with Gemma's son Koby Eratt-Thompson, 17, and following the death of her mum last week Gemma is taking care of the teen.

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Porchea sadly lost her dad around three years ago when he suffered a cardiac arrest. Gemma says Porchea was left heartbroken and has worked really hard to deal with her grief.

Gemma says Porchea's mum was her "whole world" and she idolised her. Tragically, her worst fears were realised last week when the teen found her mum unresponsive in her bed.

Sadly Porchea's world was turned upside down and the teen has now been left without a mum or a dad at such a vulnerable age.

Gemma told Yorkshire Live: "Porchea came in to my life around 18 months ago when she met my wonderful son Koby, they absolutely idolise each other and watching them grow together makes me the proudest mum ever.

"As time has gone on Porchea has become a massive part of our family and we love her dearly, she means the world to me, she is like another daughter to me.

"After losing her dad at the age of 13 Porchea came with her anxiety, she was daddy's princess, her heart was broken. Her mum helped her heal and always protected her from everything and everyone. They had such a lovely relationship, Porchea idolised her mum.

"Porchea had a bad time at school with her anxiety and when it came to prom time she wasn't allowed to go because her attendance was poor. So her mum bought her the most beautiful dress and told her she would celebrate prom with her. Her mum was so proud of her, her smile told us all how much she adored Porche, she wasn't going to let the school win."

Gemma continued: "It was my birthday on April 22. I woke up to some wonderful presents and then I got a phone call from Porchea, I thought she was phoning to wish me a happy birthday but as soon as I heard her voice I knew something was wrong, she just sounded broken.

"She had found her mum unresponsive in bed, she had suffered a cardiac arrest, I couldn't believe it, I still can't. Porchea had been staying at ours for a couple of weeks with Koby and on the Sunday she had said she was going home to spend some time with her mum.

"They enjoyed a 'mum and daughter day' together on the Sunday and then on Monday morning she found her. Porchea's life has fallen apart overnight, at the age of 16 she now has to go through life with no parents, and no matter what no one on the earth should have to go through that.

"I think about it myself if I need anything my go to is my mum and dad, they've helped me so much over the years, they helped me with my wedding, helped me buy a house, people fall back on their parents when they need help and now that's all been ripped away from Porchea.

"It's been heartbreaking, Porchea is hurting and that means I am hurting, my heart bleeds for her. I want to help as much as I can and I have promised her from this day forward I will have her back until I meet my grave."

Gemma has set up a Go Fund Me page for Porchea with the hopes of raising enough money that she can be financially stable and have something to fall back on when she needs to.

She continued: "I want Porchea to be financially stable, what ever people can donate big or small will help her to have the help she needs. She's worried people will judge her but my god if you do then your heart isn't in the right place. I just hope life from now on can be kind to her, she deserves it."

You can donate to the fundraiser and help support Porchea, here.

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