Sherwood viewers hail ‘thought-provoking’ series finale as ‘TV at its best’

Sherwood viewers have lauded the show’s series finale, branding it “the best thing on TV for a long time”.

James Graham’s true-crime drama, which began earlier this month, was inspired by two murders that took place in Nottinghamshire in 2004.

As the show came to an end on Tuesday (28 June) night, with Scott’s(Adam Hugill) reason for murdering Gary (Alun Armstrong) being revealed, viewers were quick to hail the “magnificent” drama.

“Brilliantly written by James Graham,” one viewer wrote. “Great cast. Sublime acting with some extra special performances. Thought provoking. TV at its absolute best. Just stunning. Take a bow everybody involved and look after those BAFTAs.”

“Waking up still thinking about #Sherwood - what a show. If you haven’t seen it, watch it on @BBCiPlayer,” one tweet read.

Many viewers were quick to point out the powerful resonance of the finale.

“I beg you all to just watch the last episode... Miners strikes after effects very real very awful... Its happening now.. Divide and conquer..” one tweet read.

“‘Blaming each other instead of blaming them.’ God #Sherwood has been powerful moment after powerful moment… Round of applause,” another viewer commented.

“‘They didn’t care up about us then, they don’t care about is now’ truer words never spoken,” one commenter added.

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Sherwood is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.