‘Shock’ death of Chance Perdomo at 27 leaves ‘profound void’ in Gen V cast

The cast of Gen V have described their “shock” at learning of the death of their “great friend” and co-star Chance Perdomo following a motorcycle crash.

The Los Angeles-born and UK-raised actor played Godolkin University student Andre Anderson, who has the ability to control metal through magnetism in the superhero show, which has been critically acclaimed and renewed for a second season.

The series is a spin-off of the satirical Prime Video series The Boys, which is set in a world where superheroes are celebrities and are able to get away with various wrongdoing due to the work of shadowy forces and their fame.

Actors from Netflix supernatural series Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and the romantic After film series, who starred alongside Perdomo, also said they were “confused” by his sudden death at the age of 27.

In an Instagram post, Lizze Broadway – who plays Emma Meyer/Little Cricket in Gen V – said on Sunday that his passing “has left a profound void in my heart”.

“Chance possessed so many interpersonal gifts that I treasured deeply,” she added. “He was a vital part of my growth as an individual, his gentle spirit lifting me up when I needed it most.”

She said he “always will be my superhero” and expressed “shock” as she said she loves the actor, who grew up in Southampton, England.

The son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his former wife Maria Shriver, Patrick Schwarzenegger, who plays the pyrokinetic Luke Riordan/Golden Boy in the show, posted a series of photos of Perdomo and himself on Instagram saying he hoped he was “up in heaven with a cigar”.

He also wrote on X, formerly Twitter, saying: “This hurts. A lot. What a young talented actor, and a great friend – gone way too soon. Was a pleasure to work with him in GenV. RIP Chance.”

Save The Last Dance star Sean Patrick Thomas, who played the father of Andre on Gen V, hailed Perdomo’s “blinding intellect”, “encyclopaedic knowledge of hip hop” and “raw talent”.

He added in an Instagram post: “You were destined to make yourself unforgettable in this world, and in a brief time you achieved it.”

Perdomo starred in CBBC’s Hetty Feather and was nominated for a TV Bafta for best actor in 2019 for BBC true life story Killed By My Debt.

He was recognised as a Bafta Breakthrough Brit that same year.

English actress and Bridgerton star Shelley Conn, who played the dean of Godolkin University, wrote on Instagram that she was “devastated” by the death of “a beautiful being taken far too soon”.

She added: “Brief exchanges with him would spark sweetness and long conversations would provoke deeper understandings of one’s own values and beliefs.”

She said in her social media post that this “isn’t believable to me” as she reflected on how he is “meant to be here still”.

“Playing his aunt on Sabrina was like I had a brother on set with me. He was so cheeky and joined me in all the prank playing”, she also wrote.

“And although we laughed a lot, you could have really deep and soulful conversations with Chance. Wise beyond his years. He was so warm and funny and good. I can’t believe I’m writing in the past tense.

“So many of us Sabrina cast and crew have been talking and texting, confused and in shock by the suddenness of his loss.”

Perdomo’s After film series co-stars Kiana Madeira, Arielle Kebbel, Louise Lombard and Castille Landon also paid tribute.

Madeira, who played his love interest from 2021’s After We Fell to 2023’s After Everything, wrote that she “can’t quite grasp the reality” of Perdomo’s death as it “doesn’t make sense how a person with so much life and joy and exuberance can be gone from this planet without a warning”.

Perdomo played pansexual warlock Ambrose Spellman in Netflix supernatural series opposite Shaun Of The Dead star and British actress Lucy Davis, who played his and Sabrina’s aunt.

She added: “I think I can speak for anyone who had the honour of meeting Chance. He truly lit up every single room he entered with his smile, his genuine and caring eyes, and his love for pranks and cracking jokes.”

A publicist told the AP news agency that Perdomo died due to a motorcycle accident. There was no one else involved in the crash, the statement added, giving no details of the location of the collision.