Shock figures show huge surge in airport spending as Brits splurge before jetting off

Mature woman are being playful while trying on sunglasses in Duty Free at the airport.
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

The amount holidaymakers spend at airports before they fly off has soared, a survey has revealed.

With Scots getting ready to fly off to summer sun destinations there has been a surge in airport spending.

In research by Holiday Extras, it was found that British holidaymakers are spending 37% more during their time at airports than they did in 2022.

During their time at airports, the average British holidaymaker spends £36 on food, drinks and other items before boarding.

For a family of four that makes a total average spend of £144.

That’s an increase of £40 per family compared to 2022 when the average spend was £26.30 per person and 2021 when it was £21.

The spending includes a nine per cent rise in spending at duty-free shops, with an average spend of around £10.

Another ten pounds goes on impulse buying with an additional £3 spent on wifi.

Elizabeth Hogg, Chief Operating Officer at Holiday Extras said: “People are spending an average of £36 while they wait for their plane, and for that amount in most cases they could have had an airport lounge instead.”

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