I Was Shocked About The Golden Bachelor's Recent Elimination, But These Comments Have Me Wondering If The Contestant Is Ready For A Spinoff

 Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor.
Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor.

Spoiler alert! This story discusses Gerry Turner’s final two women on The Golden Bachelor, who were revealed on the November 9 episode.

The cast of The Golden Bachelor reunited for the “Women Tell All” episode on November 9, providing plenty of laughs, lots of tears and even a surprise cameo from The Kardashians matriarch Kris Jenner. Bachelor Nation also got to witness the conclusion of the rose ceremony that followed Gerry Turner’s Hometown dates, revealing The Golden Bachelor’s final two women. It was certainly a surprise to see Faith Martin get sent home, and the way her journey ended would be the perfect way to begin her own season, should there be a female-led spinoff, but is Faith ready to move on?

Gerry Turner made a classic Bachelor mistake during Hometowns, dropping (possibly inauthentic) love bombs on multiple women after meeting their families. This left him distraught at the rose ceremony, and the episode ended on a cliffhanger that was resolved at the “Women Tell All.” Joining Leslie Fhima in the final two was Theresa Nist, while Faith Martin — who received Gerry’s first-impression rose in the wholesome season premiere — was eliminated. Afterward Faith opened up about the possibility of The Golden Bachelorette, and even volunteered as tribute to be its first lead. She told People:

I think they should continue to do it with this age group, because I think that gives people hope. I think it's really fun to watch, and I would definitely be into doing something like that.

Consider Faith Martin’s hat in the ring! She was reunited with Gerry Turner at the “Women Tell All,” and it was obvious how much the two still cared about each other, as they held each other and sobbed in front of the other cast members and studio audience.

Faith Martin and Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor.
Faith Martin and Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor.

It made me wonder if lingering feelings might be an issue that would hinder Faith if provided the opportunity for her own season. She even admitted to the magazine:

For about three and a half weeks, I didn't feel like a human. I seriously felt like my left brain and my right brain were not aligning. In my logical brain, I could understand the way things played out, but in my heart I felt like a shattered emotional wreck.

It’s possible that location played into Gerry Turner’s decision, as the Indiana resident lives pretty far away from Faith Martin’s home in Washington, and she made it clear she was not willing to relocate. At least if she were The Golden Bachelorette, she could tell her suitors that from the beginning, because if the logistics could be figured out, Faith knows the process works. She continued:

I really do believe in the process. I feel like I've seen it work and I lived it. I know that in such a short time, you can have those kind of feelings, and I trust these producers. It's like they're matchmaking gods or something because how do they put so many people in a situation where they are compatible and can find those feelings and actually find love on their shows? I mean, they're really good at what they do. So I would've never believed that the process could work, but it does.

She definitely sounds like she's ready to lead her own season! Bachelor Nation previously thought Ellen Goltzer deserved to be the first Golden Bachelorette, but honestly Gerry Turner’s season is full of great options, with Susan Noles and Sandra Mason also getting support from fans. I’m sure whichever of the final two gets dumped will have her fans too. Maybe we can skip that spinoff altogether and go straight to Golden Bachelor in Paradise, and put all of the women on the beach with dozens of eligible bachelors. Something to consider, ABC.

The Golden Bachelor returns at 8 p.m. ET next Monday, November 16, where Gerry Turner might be “knockin’ boots” in the Fantasy Suites. New episodes are also available to stream the next day with a Hulu subscription.