Shocking note left on volunteer's van after parking in wealthy neighbourhood

A charity worker has been instructed by two new homeowners in one of Edinburgh’s wealthiest suburbs to start parking his van elsewhere as it “lowers the tone” of their street.

Bradley Welsh had just returned to his vehicle on the upmarket west end street of Drumsheugh Gardens when he found a handwritten note stuck to the windscreen.

Despite clear labelling on the van and trailer that it is part of the Edinburgh Helping Hands charity, it appears new homeowners “Brian and Bill” weren’t thrilled by its presence.

“Please can you stop parking this van outside my new flat as it is lowering the tone of the area,” the note read. 

Brian and Bill said the ute and trailer lowered the tone of their new flat. Source: Twitter/Holyrood Boxing Gym

They also urged Mr Welsh to keep the “advertising” trailer in the industrial estate, “not the Newtown”

Mr Welsh, who played a small role in the movie T2 Trainspotting, said he was inundated with messages of support after sharing the note.

“After six weeks of relentless work, it’s always nice to be reminded that you are doing good,” he wrote in a Twitter post.

“I’ve offered to help Brian and Bill buy a castle with private grounds to keep the peasants out of sight. Absolute clowns.”

The ute is used as part of the Edinburgh Helping Hands charity. Source: Twitter/Holyrood Boxing Gym
Brian and Bill said the trailer belonged in the industrial estate. Source: Twitter/Holyrood Boxing Gym

Social media users began plotting ways the part time boxing instructor could exact his revenge on the “snobby” residents.

“Thanks for heads-up, that’s now my new favourite parking space if I have to go into town. Hope #BrianAndBill don’t mind 10-year-old Kia Rio, missing driver side moulding, missing wheel trim, huge dent in rear bumper, dozens of scratches. Will look great outside,” one man wrote.

“Think I can build you a bigger advertising trailer mate,” another offered.

“Perhaps rather than retaliation why don’t we show Brian and Bill the good work this group do or are they too scared of kids,” another suggested.