Shocking video shows 'massive' attack by drone boats targeting Russia's Black Sea Fleet

  • Video shows drone boats attacking Russian ships on the coast of Crimea on Saturday.

  • The Russian Defense Ministry said after the attack that it paused its grain deal with Ukraine.

  • The Defense Ministry called the attack a "terrorist act."

Russia on Saturday blamed Ukraine for a "massive drone attack" on naval ships and civilian vessels in Crimea, calling it a "terrorist act."

A video of the attack, posted by an account called Ukraine Weapons Tracker, appears to show the moment drone boats with explosives targeted Russia's Black Sea Fleet ships at a port in Sevastopol, Crimea's largest city.

Ukraine has denied being behind the attack, NPR reported.

A second clip shows Russian fire from ships and helicopters targeting the drone. The video showed what appears to be an explosion off the coast of Crimea. Drone ships have been washing up on the coast of Crimea in the Black Sea since late September, VICE reported.

Mikhail Razvozhayev, the governor of Sevastopol, told Russian state media that the city had been targeted in the "most massive attack" by unmanned aerial vehicles "and remote-controlled surface vehicles" since the conflict began, according to Al Jazeera.

Russian navy "repelled" the attack for hours, Razvozhayev told Russian state-controlled news agency Tass, Newsweek reported.

Razvozhayev said in a tweet on Saturday that "no facilities in the city were hit" during the attack and that "the situation is calm and under control. All operational teams are on standby," according to CNN.

After the drone attack, the Russian Defense Ministry on Saturday said it paused its grain deal with Ukraine, which allowed the country to have grain shipments come through the Black Sea. Russia claimed that Britain was involved in the attack.

"Taking into account the terrorist act carried out by the Kyiv regime with the participation of British experts against ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian vessels involved in the security of grain corridors, Russia suspends its participation in the implementation of the agreement on exports of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports," representatives for the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement according to EuroNews.

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