Shonda Rhimes On The Future Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ & Staying “As Long As The Fans Want To Be There”

Shonda Rhimes is hinting that she is not done with Grey’s Anatomy anytime soon and fans seemingly have the last word in all of it.

“I might be a very old lady by the time we reach its last season because it doesn’t seem to be stopping which is wonderful and I feel the world really belongs to the fans and the fans have been really clear about what they want,” Rhimes told E! News in an interview.

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The long-running ABC medical drama is close to wrapping Season 19 of the show and viewers continue to respond well to it as the show has transformed throughout its history.

“It’s such an amazing show and it’s doing so well as it’s moving forward,” she added. “I’m going to leaver it alone and see where it goes, and we’re going to stay a show as long as everybody wants to be there and as long as the fans want to be there.”

The current season saw the exit of Ellen Pompeo, something that Rhimes said was “heartbreaking for everybody.”

“Knowing that she could come back anytime was also important for me,” Rhimes said noting that any of the past characters that have left have the door open to return.

Rhimes continued, “Ellen’s an amazing person and she and I have been having conversations the whole time, discussing when it was time and what it was feeling like. We’ve always been having those discussions because I’ve always wanted her to be excited and invested and enjoying herself as much as she was at the beginning.”

Despite Pompeo not physically acting in the series, she is still providing voiceover work making Rhimes say, “I don’t think of her as gone from the show, she’s still doing the voiceovers, she’s still there.”

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