Sia reveals she is suffering from 'demoralising' chronic pain disorder

Singer Sia has revealed she suffers from a disease which gives her chronic pain.

The Australian star, born Sia Furler, told her 3.8 million Twitter followers that "life was f***ing hard" when announcing she has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS).

"Hey, I'm suffering with chronic pain, a neurological disease, ehlers danlos and I just wanted to say to those of you suffering from pain, whether physical or emotional, I love you, keep going.

"Life is f***ing hard. Pain is demoralizing, and you're not alone," the 43-year-old tweeted.

EDS is a group of rare inherited conditions that affect connective tissue, with symptoms including an increased range of joint movement, stretchy skin or fragile skin that breaks or bruises easily.

While there is no specific treatment for EDS, for some it is possible to manage many of the symptoms. However, for others it can be disabling.

The Chandelier singer's tweet was met with hundreds of supportive replies from fans.

One said: "Thank you for being so real! There are so many people that I know needed to hear this (including myself).

"I hope you're free from some pain soon, I love you."

Another said: "I'm so sorry. Chronic pain is so difficult to deal with, especially when you have an invisible illness, it's almost impossible for those who don't have chronic pain to understand how it effects every aspect of our lives."

After many years working as a singer and a songwriter for other artists, Sia started to receive mainstream recognition thanks to Titanium, a collaboration with David Guetta in 2011, and her 2014 album 1,000 Forms of Fear.

She has won an array of awards, including an MTV Video Music Award, and received nine Grammy nominations.