'Sick, disgusting person' gets 7 years in jail

Apr. 18—GREENUP — A sexual abuse victim stared her perpetrator down on Thursday in Greenup County Circuit Court, calling him a "sick, disgusting, horrible person."

Larry A. Rife, of Greenup, was sentenced to seven years in jail after being charged with the following: first-degree sexual abuse (subjecting a victim under 12 to sexual contact by forcible compulsion), prohibited use of electronic communication to procure or promote a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited activities, tampering with physical evidence by destroying electronic messages sent to a minor child and tampering with physical evidence, which included a picture of his private area. Rife was indicted on the charges in September 2023.

Flanked by two adult women, the young female victim read a printed statement aloud after a brief pause and encouragement by the women.

"You didn't ruin my life, but you ruined my childhood," she told Rife, standing just about 10 feet away. "Honestly, you make me sick. ... I can't live a normal life because I deal with PTSD and anxiety. I hope you sit there (in jail) and think about everything you've done."

The five counts of first-degree sexual abuse led to seven years of incarceration. He faced five more years on two counts of tampering with physical evidence and a count of procuring/promoting.

The time will run concurrently for a total of seven years.

Judge Brian McCloud nodded toward the victim and said, "I wish you peace."