Signs of yeast infection in dogs including your pet licking its paws frequently

Experts have outlined the main signs of yeast infection in dogs
Experts have outlined the main signs of yeast infection in dogs -Credit:Newcastle Chronicle

Dog owners are being urged to look out for signs of yeast infection in their pets.

Experts warn that it is important to spot any disease or discomfort in your pets as soon as possible so you can get them the treatment they need. One of the most common infections in dogs is yeast infection.

According to experts at Purina, yeast is a fungus that lives on the skin and inside the gut of your dog without causing any harm, most of the time. But there are certain triggers that when activated can lead to an over-population of yeast, reports the Liverpool Echo.

One warning sign is if your dog starts to frequently lick one area of their skin, such as the paws, as this could be a way of coping with the itchiness. Other symptoms include a change in skin colour, with owners urged to look out for any pink or red areas on their dogs.

Affected areas could also be prone to hair loss, and your dog scratching, biting or chewing at their skin is a huge red flag. Hot weather, skin irritation, pre-existing skin conditions, and certain medications can increase a dog's risk of yeast infection.

The condition is usually treated with anti-fungal shampoos, or oral medications for more serious cases. If you think your dog has a yeast infection you should take them to a vet as soon as possible.