Silent Witness cliffhanger resolution sees team betrayed by ally

rhiannon jones, alastair michael, emilia fox, david caves, aki omoshaybi, silent witness, season 27
Silent Witness team betrayed by ally in latest epBBC

Silent Witness series 27, 'Death By a Thousand Hits – Part 2' spoilers follow.

Silent Witness has aired a big twist in its latest mystery, as an apparent new ally turned out not to be what they seemed.

Tonight's (February 7) episode saw Nikki and the team chasing the truth about a Burmese man found dead on a beach. They learned that the cause of death wasn't as originally thought, and the toxicology results had been falsified once reached on Lyell's server.

Nikki and Jack suspected high-ranking Home Office worker Elinor, who was supposed to be helping out in the case but had been texting someone mysterious and was generally acting shifty.

julie graham as elinor shaw in silent witness
Gary Moyes - BBC

DI John Flynn confronted Elinor and got her to admit that she tampered with evidence and cleared the victim's illegal entrance to the UK, as she was being blackmailed over her missing son. Unfortunately, she couldn't provide any useful information to track the perpetrator down and was soon found dead in her car.

Later in the night, Gabriel received an email from Elinor telling him she wasn't the only one being manipulated and to "trust no one"...

The victim, Htin Lwin, was a police officer in Myanmar who was featured in a potentially deepfaked video of him involved in a massacre in Burma. His wife, who was meant to meet him at the beach where he was found, turned up and revealed he had been framed and came to the UK to expose the truth.

rhiannon jones, alastair michael, emilia fox, david caves, aki omoshaybi, silent witness, season 27

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After a few onsite investigations, the team discovered it was all the work of a tech company called Kascade, which provides an app that the Burmese police used. The app secretly employed an algorithm designed to feed the police force's anger and drive them to commit atrocities through fake posts.

Any leads that threatened to expose the truth, Kascade shuts down through deepfake blackmail.

aki omoshaybi as dr gabriel in silent witness
Gary Moyes - BBC

With Lyell's evidence being intercepted and edited, it was down to some good old-fashioned fingerprints and some secret phone filming from Gabriel, who was following Elinor's advice, that helped our protagonists prove what Kascade was up to.

Later, Jack visited Elinor's gravestone and pondered to Nikki that the whole affair had left him wondering what people would say about him when he dies.

Silent Witness next airs on Monday, February 13, at 9pm on BBC One.

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