Silent Witness fans share delight over Nikki and Jack's romance

The crime drama returned on Monday for season 27

Emilia Fox and David Caves in Silent Witness (BBC)
Emilia Fox and David Caves in Silent Witness, the new season sees their characters Nikki and Jack enjoy their full-fledged romance. (BBC)

Silent Witness has returned for its 27th season on BBC, and viewers appear all set on one thing: the romance between Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and forensic expert Jack Hodgson (David Caves).

The series sees the pair team up to investigate a new case after a body is found in a church and fears of a serial killer resurfacing again after twenty years begin to rise. As Nikki and Jack take on one of the most difficult cases of their career, their relationship becomes stronger than ever.

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While fans of the show were delighted to have it back with a new, gripping storyline, there were many who were focused on how the relationship between Nikki and Jack has developed after years of being teased as a will-they-won't-they romance on the show.

The opening episode featured a touching moment between the two characters where they looked lovingly at each other, which viewers were delighted by. Sharing their thoughts on X, formerly known as Twitter, one viewer said of the scene: "Cant stop thinking about this scene, they are just so in love with each other"

Alistair Michael, David Caves and Emilia Fox in Silent Witness. (BBC)
Alistair Michael, David Caves and Emilia Fox in Silent Witness, which returned on Monday. (BBC)

Another viewer said: "Jack and Nikki being cute af right out the gate, spooky dooky opening, Jack in a new plaid shirt WE'RE BACK BABY"

There was one viewer who hailed the series' opening episode on the whole, writing: "Still awake thinking about how amazing the 1st ep of #silentwitness S27 was and what is to come for the rest of this series. My mind can't switch off. Such a gripping storyline and fabulous performances from all. Wonderful, sweet Jakki moments woven into the crime story too."

While one viewer spoke highly of John Hannah joining the cast, and said: "Brilliant episode tonight, well done all of you John H is brilliant in everything, a fabulous actor. Guilty of watching episode 2 on BBC iplayer, couldn’t wait! Episode 2 was even more fabulous! So happy #SilentWitness is back."

Fox and Caves spoke about what is to come for Nikki and Jack in the new series, explaining that they and the show's writers wanted to approach the romance in a different way to what was expected.

Reflecting on how things have changed, Fox said: "In the past, because they had worked alongside each other for so long and had got closer and closer, it begged the question, 'If they like each other so much, and they get on so well, why have they not got together?' So now, they have come together and now need to navigate having a working relationship and a 'relationship' relationship."

"So much of the show, quite rightly, is about being respectful towards the subject matter, but with each other Jack and Nikki can have a bit more of a jest and a joke and play that out within their relationship," Fox went on.

"It's not always about high drama within relationships; it’s often about just being together. So they have got some really lovely moments. And because of the darkness of the subject matter, they become more and more close.

David Caves and Emilia Fox in Silent Witness (BBC)
The new season of Silent Witness sees Nikki and Jack investigating the possibility of a serial killer resurfacing after twenty years. (BBC)

"They've been so work focused. But as you get older, do you place a different emphasis on what's important in life? They're both discovering that in this series."

Caves said that Nikki and Jack are "going strong" in the new season of Silent Witness, adding: "A big thing last year was that we didn't want to make it a bickering adolescent type of relationship - which we could easily have done. But it is different with Jack and Nikki.

"We are seeing them working together, and their relationship does not seem to be interfering with their work. They're professional, and they simply get on with their work.

"But they have moments where they check in with each other and then little subtle things that happen between them to let people know that they're still very much together. I can't really go into much detail, but there's a nice progression in this series. It comes to a nice crescendo, if you will. And so I hope people are pleased because Jack and Nikki have some lovely moments together"

Silent Witness airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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