Silent Witness viewers frustrated about Nikki and Jack

Bea Mitchell
Photo credit: BBC

From Digital Spy

The second part of Silent Witness' latest mystery 'Duty of Candour' has confused and enthralled viewers – but mostly, it's broken their hearts because Nikki and Jack didn't get together.

Part 1, which aired last night (January 15), took on a new story as Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and the team probed the hacking of a hospital database.

Last night's episode saw Nikki and Jack (David Caves) deal with their feelings after Nikki's ordeal in Mexico, as the pathologists investigated the murder of a pregnant woman, Karen Sawyers.

Photo credit: BBC

The forensic evidence took the team to a cosmetic clinic, where the victim had been receiving treatments for free – but Nikki and DCI Naomi Silva were left frustrated when the CEO of the clinic blocked their access to Karen's medical records.

The investigation led to more suspects, more deaths and a blackmail plot, while hospital CEO Simon Laing – played by Nitin Ganatra, who stars as Masood in EastEnders – later revealed the clinic was the victim of a cyber hack too.

Following tonight's episode, viewers were gripped: