Silent Witness viewers spot MasterChef connection in new episode

silent witness sean pertwee as di john flynn
Silent Witness fans spot Masterchef connectionGary Moyes - BBC

Silent Witness fans have taken joy in a Masterchef connection in the drama's latest episode as Sean Pertwee guest-starred.

Pertwee serves as the narrator of Masterchef: The Professionals but popped up in the latest episode of Silent Witness as DI John Flynn. The episode, titled 'Death By a Thousand Hits – Part 1', follows the team investigating the death of a Burmese man deserted on a beach.

Fans enjoyed Pertwee's performance as the DI but were delighted by the newfound Masterchef connection thanks to the narrator of the cooking competition show being involved.

silent witness sean pertwee as di john flynn
Gary Moyes - BBC

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One fan wrote: "Enjoyed Silent Witness tonight, good to see Sean Pertwee on tv – the deaf girl in the lab is a shrewd one – roll on Wednesday night for part 2."

Another fan wrote: "Sean Pertwee in #silentwitness – brilliant, the guy is a legend."

However, plenty of fans couldn't get past the Masterchef connection. One user explained: "I hate it when Sean Pertwee is acting in things because I just get hungry thinking about Masterchef."

silent witness sean pertwee as di john flynn and emilia fox as dr nikki alexander
Gary Moyes - ABC

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Another fan wrote: "The voice of Sean Pertwee... Just hoping he's not going to describe the autopsy in detail." While another fan added: "Impossible to watch Sean Pertwee without imagining him lapsing into his 'Jasmin is facing a race against time to get her consommé as crystal clear as she wants' MasterChef patter."

Fans of Pertwee will get to watch him in action again on Wednesday as the second part of Death By a Thousand Hits, episode eight, will air and stream then.

This also isn't the first time a Silent Witness guest star has delighted audiences as, earlier this season, The Mummy and Four Weddings and a Funeral star John Hannah turned in a brilliant performance.

Silent Witness is available to watch on BBC iPlayer airs on BBC One.

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