Simon Cowell Changes Sinitta's Age On Wikipedia

Simon Cowell, such a prankster.

The music mogul’s ex-girlfriend and long-term pal Sinitta has revealed that she often falls victim to the father-of-one’s pranks and is even convinced that he is the one who has changed her Wikipedia page to make her older.

Showing her ID, the star insisted that she is 47 years old, not 52 as the website claims, saying in a new interview: “I’m not in my 50s! That’s just what it says on my Wikipedia page. I’m 47. Look, I’ll show you my passport. (Sinitta finds her passport and shows the date.) How old will I be on my next birthday?

"That’s right, 48. Simon Cowell went in and altered my Wikipedia page.”

However, she added to The Mirror that she’s learned to embrace Simon’s mean streak and hopes to get revenge on him some day, sharing: “He’s just horrible, and he loves it! This year I’ll probably get some big cake saying Happy 65th.

"At first I was traumatised, but now people say ‘you look good for 52’, and I say thank you.

"I’ve been invited to do a campaign for pensioners. I’m going to do it! I don’t care.”

Well, you’ve got to reap the benefits of being the victim of a prank where you can, eh Sinitta?