Simon Cowell 'replaced' as Britain's Got Talent judge explains why he wears orange-tinted glasses

Britain’s Got Talent viewers are convinced Simon Cowell has been replaced.

This was the observation during Saturday evening’s edition of Britain’s Got Talent. It saw Simon, 64, give his golden buzzer award to Cyberagent Legit.

Clearly, the dance act were of good quality but some viewers of the ITV talent show were a little unsure of his support of other acts including an operatic Batman, a keyboard player performing with animals on a TV screen and a cheesy comedian. Some viewers couldn’t hold their restraint any longer with things coming to a head during an appearance by Sven Smith.

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The 27-year-old’s audition saw him perform an air guitar routine to a medley of Queen songs. Simon Cowell, who said he was feeling ‘ecstatic’ by the performance.

Although Alesha Dixon was far from impressed. Not least because Sven’s risque outfit nearly left him exposed.

Speaking as they gave him their feedback, judge Bruno Tonioli began by saying: "I don't know how to describe that. I think your pants nearly fell off," as Amanda Holden added: "There was a lot going on at the front."

Head judge Simon was a big fan of the performance with Sven progressing. Many took to X to ask if TV’s Mr Nasty has gone soft…or possibly been replaced.

We saw @31Bix05 post: “When did Simon Cowell stop having standards? He's easily pleased these days. He puts acts through that he wouldn't entertain years ago.” While @Lilithdelvine added: “Simon Cowell is officially a sellout #BGT.”

Another viewer @jotaonthewings “Once again simon cowell has been replaced its not him....#BGT #BritainsGotTalent.” We also saw @jes7tw post: “Simon Cowell has clearly been replaced. He’s gone soft #BGT.”

Elsewhere, many have noted Simon now wears tinted orange glasses during auditions. The media mogul has addressed his eyewear.

He said: "I do get migraines after long days in the filming lights."

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