Simon Jordan in fresh Rangers tirade as 'tin eared' punters put in picture over what he REALLY meant with Dundee rant

Simon Jordan clarified his rant at Rangers by admitting the Ibrox club were RIGHT in what they said about Dundee - insisting it was their delivery that ticked him off.

And he stopped short of a full walkback with a fan who wrote in to criticise him told 'get over yourself'. Jordan appeared on talkSPORT on Friday morning and high on the agenda was the now-infamous call-off at Dens Park which sparked a raging tirade from the former Crystal Palace owner on Thursday's show. He slammed Rangers for their 'pompous' and 'hypocritical' statement after the Ibrox side unloaded on Dundee, accusing them of unprofessionalism and negligence in failing to get the game on for a second time.

The game is set to be played on Wednesday April 17 one way or another with Dundee making contact with three Premiership clubs over neutral venues if it can't be played at Dens. Jordan has received substantial backlash from Rangers fans since his rant and was quizzed about it by Jim White on their morning show.

But he was in no mood for backing down as he said: "What you've got is a bunch of tin-eared Rangers fans piling onto what you and I said yesterday. What we said was 'I don't like the tone and texture of Rangers high-hatted, pompous missive to the world about what they think they are entitled to.'

"No-one is suggesting Dundee did a good job. If you're getting five games cancelled in a season and 15 in the last two-and-a-half seasons, then you're not doing something well. We had callers telling us it was all to do with the drainage and having owned a football club, I probably agree with her. No one disputed that. It's the manner and the tone with which Rangers addressed the subject which, primarily, got up my nose.

"It was unnecessary. How many times have Rangers had a game cancelled at Dens Park? If it happens every game for two or three seasons then take this attitude. But you aren't the judgement of the Scottish Premiership. You and your fans aren't beyond criticism, so I just think the balance in what they said was wrong. But clearly, they are right (to be angry)."

Jordan was later read out a response from a fan who defended Rangers' right to say what they like and pointed to the time wasted in getting back from Tayside after the postponement. But Jordan wasn't having that as he said: "What time was the game? The game was called off at 3.30, so what were they walking there? Get over yourselves.

"There was no need for the pomposity of that statement. It symbolises a certain attitude that people outside of the Old Firm will take exception to. I want Rangers to win the league, let's get it right, I like them as a club. But I didn't like the statement, it was unnecessary."