Simon Pegg shares 'incredibly personal' secrets of Shaun of the Dead

Simon Pegg has explained how aspects of his own life inspired key scenes in iconic horror comedy Shaun of the Dead.

The British comedian co-wrote the 2004 film with director Edgar Wright and starred in it alongside Lucy Davis and Nick Frost.

With the film turning 20 this year, Simon has been reflecting on its success and explained how some plot points are based on his real life.

Discussing the project with The Hollywood Reporter, he said, "Shaun of the Dead is incredibly personal. There's so much of us in that film. The whole joke of Ed and Shaun not being able to ever come out of The Winchester was real.

"That was about Nick and I, that was about our decision to just stay in a North London pub. Edgar was always in town. He was always in Soho, and he always wanted us to come into town and hang out at The Groucho, and we never did.

"We always wanted to be in The Shepherds (pub). My girlfriend, now my wife, was the same. She was like, 'Are we going to The Shepherds again?' That inspired that whole storyline."

Simon also balked at the idea of the iconic British film being rebooted.

He gasped, "I mean, Universal (Pictures) owns it. If they choose to reboot it, then they can if they want I guess. Although Edgar and I would be incensed."