Simone Biles Heads for 2024 Olympics in Netflix Documentary: “I Get to Write My Own Ending”

Simone Biles is back in the gym in Netflix’s first trailer for Simone Biles Rising, a four-part documentary following the gymnast’s journey to Olympics 2024.

“I’ve always had really good intuition about things,” Biles says in the trailer’s opening. “Unfortunately I felt that way about the Olympics.”

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The star athlete is presumably talking about the 2020 Tokyo games, where Biles withdrew from competition after battling mental blocks and eventually announced she was taking a mental health break. The logline for Simone Biles Rising calls the documentary “one of the most powerful comebacks in history.”

The trailer includes footage of Biles seemingly making the decision to stop competing in 2020, and later returning to the gym to set her sights on Paris 2024.

“I wanted to quit like 500,000 times, and I would have if it weren’t for my people,” Biles says. In the trailer, fans see clips of fellow Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, as well as Biles’ family and her husband, former NFL player Jonathan Owens. The couple married in 2023.

“She’s bounced back, and she’s really opened my eyes,” Owens says. To the camera, Biles adds: “I knew it would be a long journey, but to me, it wasn’t done.”

Offscreen, another voice says, “She’s the greatest in the world, but she’s also human.”

“I feel very grateful I get to write my own ending,” Biles says.

The four-episode series will premiere on Netflix July 17. Simone Biles Rising is produced by Religion of Sports, Biles’ second collaboration with the company, following the 2021 series, Simone Vs Herself.

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