Simple hack to open beer without bottle opener – but it comes with warning to men

A TikTok user has shared an ingenious alternative method of removing bottle lids
Who needs a bottle opener when you have this simple household tool? -Credit:TikTok

A man has shared an inventive solution for cracking open a beer bottle when you can't find your usual opener.

The crafty life hack was posted to TikTok by Andre of 'AndreLifeHack', who boasts a hefty following of 7.9 million followers on the platform. However, lads might want to think twice before using this trick, as it requires utilising your partner's eyelash curler to pry off the stubborn lid.

The user demonstrated how the makeup tool fits perfectly around a bottle top and easily pops it off with slight pressure. This simple workaround elicited humorous response from other members on the social media platform, reports the Mirror.

One commenter said: "Is he still alive after using his wife's eyelash curler?!" While another added: "I hope you bought your partner a new lash curler."

A third chimed in saying: "I believe your wife is going to kick you out because of that trick." Highlighting a possible hygiene concern, another viewer warned: "Please don't let your wife use that now. It could have tiny little cuts in the middle or just completely unsanitary."

However, other social media users were not so scathing. One wrote: "This is so awesome, thank you for sharing." while another branded it a "great hack".

Who needs a bottle opener when you have eyelash curlers?
The hack divided fans' opinions -Credit:Getty Images/EyeEm

Andre is one of the most popular users for sharing home advice on TikTok. His most viewed video, which has been watched over 118 million times, also relates to bottle opening.

The clip demonstrates a fun method of removing a cork from a wine bottle without the need for a corkscrew. Andre shows that by applying the heat of a candle lighter to the outside of the bottle's neck, the cork slowly rises before popping out on its own.

He even showed users how to polish a lesser-known kitchen appliance that could be filled with grease. Tucked away above many cookers is the extractor hood filter which can become dirty over time.

But Andre showed how you can simply click the hood down and carefully pour boiling water over it in the sink. You'll notice the grime almost instantly wash away – far more effective than trying to scrub it with a brush and cleaning products.

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